Friday, August 22, 2008

Red & White Polka Dots.........& Mushrooms Too!!

My mushroom tags made a Treasury on ETSY!!
Take a look here:


It looks like the treasury has expired......but these are the tags that were featured:

Saturday, August 2, 2008

::Baby Update:: 6 Weeks!


I thought I'd share a couple of new baby Ella pictures with you all. :)

Time sure is flying by that I can hardly believe it. In some ways it seems like she has been with us forever, in another it seems like she was born just yesterday. I am trying to be good about taking pictures, but realize it's much harder with #3 than with #1. With my first I would take several pictures of her EVERY DAY, now a week will pass and I realize I haven't even taken a single picture! Hopefully she will forgive me someday when she is looking at her baby book and photo album that is 1/5 the size of her sister's! :(

Here she is at 10 days:

Here she is at about 1 month:

(love this picture!)

Here she is at 6 weeks:

And here's one of all 3 kiddos:

Okay, that's enough baby pictures (I'm sure you're thinking).
Happy Saturday!!
:) Linda

::A Package of Fabric Goodness::

A happy hello from this long lost blogger!

We are 6 weeks into life with 3 kids under 5. It is getting easier each day, and I am finding my "groove" little by little. I am feeling the desire to get crafty, now it's just finding the time! I have ideas that will hopefully come to life before I forget them all together. I should really jot things down a litle better.

I thought I'd share this **GORGEOUS** bag of fabric scraps I bought from Ashley at Lassie Girl. If you have any need for fabric bit.........I highly recommend her!

I couldn't stop looking at it..............Here are a couple of pictures:

I can't decide which is my favorite. I am tempted to buy more. I am such a stockpiler! We'll see.

Happy day!