Thursday, April 16, 2009

Soon I will Be Here.........

A quick hello to check in. My poor little Etsy Shop has been neglected these past few months. Life has taken over full force! Sometimes I feel like my life is more out of control than other people with if they have it all together and I am constantly spinning. Are my kids more wild than others? I have felt "one step forward, two steps back" for awhile now.
Anyway, my hubby and I are getting ready to take our FIRST VACATION ever WITHOUT KIDS! He won a trip from his work, so we are heading to GRAND CAYMAN! I have always wanted to go there, wanted to for our honeymoon 9 years ago, but it was pretty spendy. I teeter between being excited and being so fearful and sad that we are leaving our kids for what seems like forever. Anyone know what I mean? The preparation to be gone is exhausting!
I remember 10 years ago, getting ready for a vacation meant shopping for cute clothes, tanning, working out and going on a diet. Now, NONE of those things have happened. Funny what a difference kids make. I'll be the one on the beach looking like an out of style M-O-M!! ;)

Okay, I have a million things to do. I'll be back -hopefully!

XO - Linda